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Dr. Raj Tiwary

MDS,(Maulana Azad Dental College, N.Delhi) Ex-Resident (Oral Surgery) Periodontist And Implantologist

Declared As a Master Mentor for Osstem Implants

Dedicated dental surgeon and dental implantologist with over 10 years of experience. Updated and skilled with latest digital dentistry techniques and passionate about training other dental practitioners with advancements of digital dentistry. An expert implantologist and dental practitioner always eager to learn more and deliver superior quality dentistry with the help of a highly efficient team and latest techniques.

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SmritiRaj Dentistry Clinic Dwarka

SmritiRaj Dentistry is an ISO Certified Dental Clinic. We maintain stringent international standards in sterilization, hygiene, quality care and practice management with complete patient satisfaction. We are one of the few Dental clinics in Delhi, Dwarka equipped with new tech B-CLASS Autoclave assuring 100% sterilization of equipment and instruments. A state-of-the-art clinic with new age surgical facilities as per the International Standards of dentistry.

SmritiRaj Dentistry prides itself of having a panel of eminent super specialist Dentists who work together and offer comprehensive dental services like Dental implants, orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, pediatric dentistry and much more. We guarantee you the most superior clinical outcomes with a healthy and happy smile.

Why Choose Us?

One of the things we are most proud of at Smritiraj is our commitment to use the most advanced dental technology to make your treatment faster more comfortable and better.

Smritirajdentistry has a team of skilled dentists who are passionate about dentistry and go above and beyond to share their knowledge and skills. Our team also has some niche professionals like Digital Dental Designer, Digital Dental Technician and Ceramists. Each member is a specialist within the field of digital dentistry and can provide educational courses in their area of expertise such as but not limited to CAD CAM aided implant planning, digital smile design, digital denture, colour matching crown ,bridge ,veneer ,inlays and onlays.

Why We Use Digital Dentistry

  • Dental prosthetic products can be made more faster as there is no need for remakes
  • The process is cost effective
  • It creates and exact digital image of your mouth, which means dental products can be created with error free fit
  • As they fit better, crown, bridge etc have high performance and long lasting.

We Use Digital Dentistry For Many Things Like-

1. Invisalign Aligner

2. Clear Smile Braces

3. Crowns

4. Bridges

5. Porcelain Veneers

6. Dental Implants

7. Zirconia Teeth

Smile Design near me
implantologist near me


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Dr. Smriti Bhargava

MDS PGI Rohtak

Ex-Resident Orthodontics. Pediatric Dentist

More than 10 yrs experience

Member of Indian Pediatric Dental Association. Certificate course in Sedation Dentistry (inhalation sedation). Basic life support and Advanced life support training. Specialized in Dental Trauma and its management in children. Expert in Kids Dentistry and is the best pediatric dentist in Dwarka, Delhi.

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Our Services and Specialities

Dentist in Delhi


Traditional braces are more effective at treating extreme overcrowding

Delhi best dentist


Right Veneers are the best way to a beautiful smile and lovely teeth

implantologist near me


A cutting-edge latest technology for full dental implant.


Do You Know About Connection Oral and Cardiac Health?

Are you scared of dental work? Dentophobia is the fear of visiting a dentist and receiving dental care. The person responds extremely as if someone is after his or her life. Clinics providing services related to child dentistry in Dwarka report that it is not only children but adults to have dental phobia!


We offer Blankets, Clean Towels, And Piped Music to Provide a Comfortable Patient Experience

implantologist near me


With Piped Music, Clean Towels and Blankets we offer a comfortable and memorable patient experience.

best dental implantologist in delhi


We accept insurance plans and many payment types (cash and cards – Visa, Mastercard)

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We are very conveniently located at Sector-5, Plot No. 1 Near BATA Show Room Dwarka.

Best dentist near by me


We’re open six days a week, just walk in. Appointments are not mandatory. On Sundays we take emergency cases by appointment only.

All of our doctors treat our patients with the best possible orthodontic and dental care, paving the way for good health and oral hygiene for the rest of our patients’ lives. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of treatments, including


The most common type of orthodontic treatment for kids, made with stainless grade...

Invisalign & Invisalign Teen

Using a series of clear aligner trays that are virtually impossible to see, these are a discreet...

Pediatric Dental Treatments

Premier services for all of our young patients, including routine cleanings, dental sealants...

Smile Design near me

Miss Anita Chaudhary

Besides being a Doctor, Mr.Tiwary is a nice human being who is kind hearted towards his patients. Almighty has blessed him with a profession like dentistry nd he is doing justice with his profession. Will recommend people to go to Dr. Tiwary nd gt treated n motivated after seeing him.

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Mr. Alok Mishra

I'm writing this with immense joy, as I have had the best experience in long time while getting dental treatment. Both Doctors DR. Raj Tiwary and Dr. Smriti Bhargava had treated my extraction and RCT with extreme care and totally painless. The warmth and personalized care the doctors provide is unseen in today's times. They explain the procedure clearly, treat the patients with utmost professionalism and extremely courteous. Thank you Doctors for all the care and we need more doctors like you. Highly recommended place for dental treatment.

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Miss Nitika Bhardwaj

Centre of Excellent for Dental Treatments". Dr. Raj Tiwari is highly proficient and absolutely adorable. He is an excellent dentist and best implantologist not only in Dwarka but in Delhi. He is stills an element of confidence in his patients by outlining the right and effective course of treatment. Strongly recommended Dental Clinic for all types of Dental Treatment

Why we are different from the conventional/traditional Dentists

Rather than dental trays and impression materials we use intraoral digital scanner, which is much more comfortable and precise. It is much useful in case of nervous patients or those who dislikes impression materials and trays in the mouth. Scanner takes only couple of minutes for an accurate digital impression.

How does it work

The digital scanner is moved around the mouth painlessly to create exact replica of your teeth and gums. These measurements and images are then used by our dental designer. The crown design is completed in minutes and is sent off automatic milling machine or 3D printer to create perfectly fitting, natural looking prosthetic device and restorations for more effective treatments.

Digital dentistry has become very common and popular worldwide but it is still neglected in India. It’s not the future rather it is present dentistry. The time is not to ignore the growth of the digital dentistry but embrace it and grow with it.

We, at Smritirajdentistry take pride in being one among very few dental centers in the country to have in-house-CAD CAM Dental laboratory and 3Dprinter.

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