Dr. Raj Tiwary

MDS,(Maulana Azad Dental College, N.Delhi) Ex-Resident (Oral Surgery) Periodontist And Implantologist

Declared As a Master Mentor for Osstem Implants

Dedicated dental surgeon and dental implantologist with over 10 years of experience. Updated and skilled with latest digital dentistry techniques and passionate about training other dental practitioners with advancements of digital dentistry. An expert implantologist and dental practitioner always eager to learn more and deliver superior quality dentistry with the help of a highly efficient team and latest techniques.

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Discover a Gentle Touch at Dentistry Dental Care

Keeping up with the times, trends and technology, Dentistry Dental Care Clinic Delhi as a family dentistry module believes in offering patients the unique touch of gentleness, detail and traditional care. Dentistry Dental Care Delhi takes courtesy and understanding to a different dimension with making visits to their office enjoyable and comfortable. Showcasing a strong point in the foundation of Dentistry Dental Care Clinic Delhi, the professionals take time to listen to patients and make them understand their dental problems besides explaining treatment choices in a step-by-step fashion that would help in making informed decisions. Each of the staff at Dentistry Dental Care Clinic Delhi has been trained to treat patients with honesty, compassion and respect.

In creating the Dentistry Dental Care Clinic Delhi, the experienced Dentist team has incorporated the unique concept of treatment planning where top priority is given to sterilization, patient information, consultation, explanation of treatment and the follow up after the treatment. The motto at the Dentistry Dental Care Clinic Delhi is quality dental care that has been their success and strength. Aiming at providing different specialties under one roof, Dentistry Dental Care has infused a multidisciplinary approach with patients having easy access to aesthetic dentists, implantologists, prosthodontists, endodontists, pedodontists, orthodontists, periodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Offering knowledge, years of study and skills, the team at Dentistry Dental Care Clinic Delhi has kept their growth curve steady and is now poised to expand horizons to include state-of-the-art trends with continuous honing of talents. Riding on the wave of success with the mission to offer quality care at all times, Dentistry Dental Care Clinic Delhi has transformed into a fully-fledged dental facility with the latest equipment, digital radiology, intraoral techniques, diagnostic techniques to offer efficient treatment solutions for all their patients.

Dentistry Dental Care Clinic Dentist has focused on the safety of their patient at every step of the treatment with commitment and dedication:

Patient Safety

Adhering to precautionary measures recommended by the OSHA, the team at Dentistry Dental Care Clinic takes great care to steam sterilize or autoclave instruments and hand pieces such as the drill. Offering a sterile ambience, the instruments that cannot be autoclaved are cold sterilized using chemical solutions or are disposed of. Every surface of all the treatment rooms are disinfected and cleaned thoroughly after each patient. In order to offer the best treatment methods, the team at Dentistry Dental Care Clinic Delhi offers advanced Dental care, Cosmetic treatment and Oral Hygiene by combining traditional and contemporary techniques to give patients top-notch quality care.

The Team @ Dentistry Dental Care

Keeping up with the changing trends in the dentistry scenario with focused attention, the highly skilled team at Dentistry Dental Care Clinic Delhi offers the latest treatments, care and follow ups. Endeavoring to impart knowledge and important information, the team has opened out a unique approach that keeps the patients well-informed of the latest advancements in technology in dentistry besides offering advice on how to maintain and enjoy a healthy oral cavity.

With dedication as the cornerstone of their approach, the team at Dentistry Dental Care Clinic has strived to incorporate the latest strategies in dental healthcare backed by efficient and effective instruments to render the best practices in clinical and surgical methods to ensure patient satisfaction.

Our Core Strengths

A passion for excellence and perfection is the driving force behind every personnel at Dentistry Dental Care Clinic

With impeccable services, Dentistry Dental Care Clinic assures that their patients will look and feel good by transforming their smiles.

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Dr. Smriti Bhargava

MDS PGI Rohtak
Ex resident orthodontics. Pediatric dentist

More than 10yrs experience

Member of Indian paediatric dental association Certificate course in sedation dentistry (inhalation sedation). Basic life support and advanced life support training. Espesialized in dental trauma and it's management in children

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