Children Dentistry

Pediatric dentists are specially trained dentists to care for the oral health of children from infancy through the teen years. As per American Academy of Pediatrics a dental checkup is a must within six months of the child’s first tooth or by the child’s first birthday. We too recommend a first checkup by 12 months of age. Children dental checkups makes certain that teeth and jaw development are normal and allows the parents and guardians to know about giving their children a healthy dental care right from the start. With little awareness baby bottle caries, prolonged thumb sucking, teething problems, repeated caries and tooth decay can be easily prevented.

Highest quality kids dentistry procedures in a relaxed, fun, non-intimidating environment.

Complete and comfortable solution to pediatric dental problems.

Behavior management with tell, show, do and child modeling techniques.

Highest quality of hygiene, sterilization and isolation. For us Child safety is the top priority

Parents/guardians are always welcome in the room.

Pediatric dentistry is our specialty. Dr. Smriti Bhargava is a compassionate and experienced pediatric dentist who knows dental fear is for real. She focuses on your child’s emotions, their thoughts, and their past experiences to guarantee a positive outcome. Visit our dental clinic in Dwarka, Delhi. Our highly trained staff are here to help make your child’s visit a great experience.

Oral Health Workshop

Maintaining our oral health should be a daily habit and the best possible age to develop it is when we are young. In view of this, our clinic’s expert pedodontist, Dr. Smriti Bhargava, took our entire dental team to a nearby school to conduct an oral health workshop to raise awareness among the young minds. Through educational videos and fun activities, she taught the children the importance of oral healthcare and the routine tasks they must undertake to preserve their teeth, gums, and more.

Dr. Smriti Bhargava and her team also conducted a free dental checkup for the students and prescribed them actions as was necessary. Our workshop was all about making the young minds aware of the importance of oral hygiene and oral healthcare. Our children are the future. When they learn about something and apply them, they also help to spread the knowledge. They can become the messengers of change.

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